Alpine SWR-T12 Type-R Shallow Mount Subwoofers

By Ricky C. – Product Specialist

Interestingly enough, high excursion woofers don’t always have to contain the massively large magnet we’ve all become used to. Sometimes trying to fit bass into vehicles that are limited on space can be frustrating and compromising with a shallow-mount subwoofer not capable of high output can be a letdown. Compensate no more, introducing the new Alpine Type-R Thin Subwoofer, a woofer capable of producing 50mm of peak-to-peak excursion, and only have a mounting depth of 3 ½ inches or less.

Designing a subwoofer with such capabilities in a small area is no small feat. Revolutionary technology developed by Alpine allows this subwoofer to truly produce incredible bass, in enclosures as small 0.25 cubic feet! Technologies such as their High-Amplitude Multi-Roll (HAMR) Suspension Design and their Segmented Spider Design using an aluminum composition allow this subwoofer to produce 15mm of real-world measured X-max. This subwoofer can deliver some of the best bass in its class with uniquely low distortion and incredible sound quality.

So we know what makes it lightweight, durable, and overall compact. How does this subwoofer produce such incredible bass? An impressively large 4” Voice Coil delivers increased power handling, alongside with a 1.5lb neodymium magnet. This magnet has 5 times the strength than standard ferrite magnets used for most subwoofers. The newly incorporated cast aluminum frame plays another part here with its doubling as a heat sink. High amounts of heat are generated by such a large voice coil and large magnet working in action together, and heat must be dissipated from the voice coil to prevent damage to the subwoofer. This subwoofer has calculated every factor into its ground breaking design.

Coming in two sizes, 10” and 12”, both require 300-600W RMS of continuous power. The 10” Alpine SWR-T10 can be fit into even the smallest boxes, requiring a sealed airspace measurement of 0.25 to 0.50 cubic feet. It’s 12” equivalent, the Alpine SWR-T12 requires a slightly larger box size of 0.40 to 0.75 cubic air space for sealed enclosures.