Celebrate this great nation with limited time offers from our biggest brands: Boss, Kenwood, JL Audio and Memphis. Shop Sonic Electronix Freedom Sale with large markdowns on a wide range of audio equipment over Independence Day.

Don’t let this holiday go to waste. Kick off the summer with audio capabilities the Founding Father’s could only dream of.

Boss Elite: Flash Sale 

Receive $100 a Boss Elite Head Unit July 4-5th. Units like the Boss Elite BE10ACP come with a hefty 10.1” LED touchscreen that is compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. A built-in Bluetooth and microphone, plus a front USB and Auxiliary ports completes the package – allowing for any type of media to be plugged in or streamed at any time.

Designed with 4x80w channels and three sets of 4V preamp outputs, this unit is ready to run your font, rear and subwoofer speakers to power a complete soundstage. 

Kenwood: Save on loaded subwoofer enclosures with amplifiers

Snag a Kenwood package before they’re gone: a pre-loaded 12” vented subwoofer enclosure (single or double) paired with a Max X-Series Monoblock Amplifier.

With up to 1000 watts RMS – depending on the speaker – there is a combination out there for your dream roving concert. The Class D, 2-ohm amp is known for its high efficiency and sound fidelity. So it can generate a kick ass amount of power while not missing a single note. 

The Kenwood P-XW1221D + Kenwood Excelon X502-1 package offers 1200W max and 600W RMS. The dual subwoofers allows them to be wired for 4- or 2-ohms, so you have more control over the RMS output. Pre-loaded in a vented enclosure, the airflow allows for greater volume while protected your unit from the heat of the day.

Sonic Electronix Learning Center: How To Wire a Subwoofer to an Amplifier
How to wire a Subwoofer in Parallel

JL Audio: Amplifiers

If you have your speakers wired and ready to roll, but still missing the last bit of oomph – consider adding a JL Audio Amplifier to your system. The JL Audio XD600/1v2 is another Class D Subwoofer Amp with a selectable low-pass filter at 12 or 24dB while delivering 600w of continuous power at 2-Ohm.

Protected by its rollback protection, the amp wont overheat from overuse. Should the amplifier reach an unsafe operating temperature, a special circuit rolls back peak power output –  without changing gain – until the amplifier cools down to a safe operating temperature. Once the amp cools, the circuit restores full peak power output. 

Sonic Electronix Learning Center: How to Bridge an Amplifier


Make sure all the hard work from shopping and installing a sound system isn’t put to waste on bad speakers. Get 30% off a set of Memphis speakers like the PRX602, 6.5” coaxial speakers. The built-in dome tweeter can be pivoted within the speaker for multi-directional play.

This set of Memphis speakers is perfect for an OEM upgrade. At 6.5” they’re the same size as most factory speakers, making for an easy way and installation.