Scosche SPL1000 (SPLMETER) Stocking Stuffer

Time is running short until the big guy in red comes. Now we can only hope that our stockings get stuffed with all the things that we are hoping for. If you need some extra ideas to pass on to the North Pole this year, let Sonic Electronix help by offering some basic ideas to make the holiday shopping easier.

Idea 1: Woodees IESW100B Earbuds

If you think that these earbuds are just like all the other types of earbuds that flood the earbud market, you are completely wrong. A few minutes into listening to the Woodees IESW100B in-ear headphones, the clarity and rich sound becomes apparent. The natural wood housing creates a rich, vibrant sound that gives all your music the respect that it deserves. Those that have used wooden headphones before will respect the sound and appreciate the affordable price of these Woodees. For those that have never heard their music from earbuds with wooden casings will soon discover the incredible sound. To make these headphones even better, they have an in-line microphone and a smartphone/iPhone control.

Idea 2: Upbeat Audio Boostaroo Revolution R234-2

The perfect companion to a pair of headphones or earbuds. The Boostaroo Revolution R234-2 personal audio amplifier and splitter is ideal for students or anyone else that travels with a pair of headphones. Bing both an amplifier and a splitter, the Revolution serves two purposes. As a headphone amplifier, it will boost the audio source for louder listening with more clarity. As a splitter, it will allow multiple headphones to be plugged into it at once. Being battery powered, it can easily be put in a backpack, purse, fanny pack, pocket, glove box, or just about anywhere else.

Idea 3: Scosche SPL1000

What better way to say happy holidays then by giving your loved one an excuse to turn up the bass? The Scosche SPL1000 is an SPL meter that will measure sound pressure levels from 60 to 130 dB. The small design of the SPL1000 is able to measure big bass. The car audio enthusiast will love to keep one of these in their glove box or center console for fast bass measuring.