Father’s Day Gift Ideas

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

It’s that time of year to show your father how much you love him.  We all have fathers and for many of us, it can be a special time to gather the family together and create memories.  No matter what traditions your family has in honoring your father, a gift is always an appropriate way to show your love.  However, the perfect gift can make all the difference.  Below are some Father’s Day gift ideas that are sure to be just what your Dad is looking for!

AutoNet Mobile

Give the gift of internet on the road!  The AutoNet Mobile router is the perfect way to get a high-speed internet connection inside the car.  Installation is fast, simple, and easy to do.  Once installed, your father’s vehicle will become a mobile WiFi hotspot and offer a wireless internet connection to all those inside the car.  Multiple AutoNet docking mounts are available so it can be used in multiple vehicles. Surfing the internet and working on the road has never been easier.

Universal Remote MX350

Bringing convenience to the home, the Universal Remote MX350 is an excellent gift idea for fathers that spend a lot of time in a home theater room.  Get rid of all the remotes and use one user-friendly remote to operation most of your electronic devices.  Easily control your television, blu-ray player, dvd player, home receiver, cable box, and more with the Universal Remote MX350

Kicker HP1973 Retro Headphones

Give you dad style and sound quality!  The Kicker HP1973 over the head headphones are made with a retro style that will bring back sweet memories for your father.  The leather headband and ear cups are so comfortable that he will forget that he is even wearing something on his head.  Once he hears the sound quality, he will think you spent a lot more money on them than you actually did.

Don’t forget your father this year.  For more great Father’s Day gift ideas, visit Sonic Electronix’s Father’s Day page.  Remember, it is never too late to get your dad a gift.