By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

When it comes to amps, you don’t want to skimp on power. Did you know that slightly over-powering your subwoofers is actually better than slightly under-powering them? With the Eclipse XA1200 mono amplifier, power will not be a problem. If you wire this amp at 4 ohms, it will produce an impressive 500 watts of RMS power. Better yet, at 2 ohms it can produce 600 watts of RMS power. The advanced MOSFET power supply ensures a steady flow of wattage will be fed into the subwoofer from the amplifier. This amp is also designed with the special ICEpower technology, which means that for its power, this amp requires less energy and space than the average amp.

The Eclipse XA-1200 includes a wired remote bass level control, a key user-friendly feature. The bass remote allows you to adjust the bass output without having to access the amp itself. You can boost the bass from 0-8 decibels. In terms of heat dissipation, its heavy duty aluminum alloy heatsink allows you to push the XA1200 at the top output levels without overheating. While in action the amp’s blue led indicator lights up to signal that the power is flowing. This complements the black and silver finish.

With two 40A fuses and a built-in variable low-pass filter (40-500 Hz), this amp is well-equipped and will provide superior sound quality to your vehicle. Besides this amp, all you need is an amp wiring kit to install the missing piece to your great system. We recommend using a 4-gauge power and ground installation kit when it comes time to install your amp. And once you hook this amp up, you will be able to hear and feel the difference from the way your subs pound!

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