Denon AVR-591

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

Home theater systems are becoming increasingly popular in homes across the country.  It is a place where we can go to watch television, movies, and play an Xbox on a large screen and surround sound.  Our home theaters must be the nicest and we demand only the best.  If you look forward to the newest home theater equipment each year, then you are not alone.  This year has proven to be a big year for home audio/video so far, and it will only get better as the year goes on.  The most popular advancements in the home are the introduction of HDMI 1.4 and 3-D ready components.  Luckily, one of the most trusted names in Home Theater Receivers has released a line of receivers fully compatible with these two technological advancements.

Denon has been a long time leader for home audio/video and continually strives to be ahead of the competition.  A product branded Denon will always produce top-notch results with a reasonable price tag.  The most recent example of this is the Denon AVR-591.  It is an affordable receiver that has plenty of features to satisfy any home audiophile.   It features full support for 5.1 channels of audio with an overabundance of audio processing and decoding options.  In keeping with the Denon tradition the AVR591 features the Audyssey MutliEQ acoustic measurement technology that will enable the system to automatically tune itself to the room that it is installed in for the best audio replication possible.  The process is quick, simple, and results in the best audio quality that anyone could ask for.  New to this year’s receiver is the introduction of HDMI 1.4a and 3-D ready processing.  The advanced HDMI 1.4a ports still enable all the incredible benefits of the previous HDMI cable, however it can now support 3D data transfer, Ethernet over HDMI, 4k x 2k support, an audio return channel, as well as other features.  3D Programming is the future of television and movies.  Simply connect the AVR-591 to a 3D Television with the appropriate cable, and you will be able to experience 3D in your own home theater.  A home A/V receiver like the Denon AVR-591 will fully support the future of this new technology.