Installing a car stereo is a great way to enhance the overall sound quality of your audio system. Upgrading to a external amplifier is another great way to get even better sound, but what if you could get the benefits of an external amplifier with the simple install of a stereo. Take a close look at Sony MEX-XB100BT Car Stereo and you get ready to be impressed!

The Sony MEX-XB100BT is a 160 Watts Car Stereo with an integrated 4-channel Class-D Digital Amplifier that delivers excellent sound quality.

This full-featured, single-DIN power house offers the latest technology features including Bluetooth, built-in NFC technology, Mega Bass, voice control via SongPal and Siri Eyes Free, Pandora internet radio support and USB connectivity.

Since electromagnetic interference could generate a sizzle at high volume levels, Sony utilized Class-D amplifier to minimize any unwanted noise. Now, you can enjoy the same perfect sound at any volume level.

Features of Sony MEX-XB100BT Car Stereo

Powerful Amplifier

The built-in 4 channel amplifier is powerful enough to power most aftermarket car speakers and eliminate the need for an external amplifier.

Instant music streaming over Bluetooth

Thanks to voice control capability, the MEX-XB100BT lets you make the most of it. Just touch your Android or iPhone to the volume knob for instant Bluetooth pairing or connect your device to the USB port. Wow! You’re ready to go.

Once connected, you have full freedom of enjoying the head unit 10-band equalizer, Mega Bass feature as well as built-in low and high pass filters.

One-touch listening via NFC

The MEX-XB100BT offers you to enjoy your favorite songs from smartphones. The built-in NFC streams music instantly and lets you enjoy one-touch listening.

Mega Bass with one touch operation

Activate the clear audio mode with a single touch of the button and the head unit will automatically optimize the balance of frequencies. Distortion will be minimized and you will have a crystal clear sound at all volume levels.


Sony developed this interesting app to let you control your entire music library using your voice. Download and install it on your smartphone. Navigating an app, browsing the right track and setting the volume is now just at the expense of a few spoken words. “Auto read out” is an amazing feature that keeps you on the track without causing any interruption.

Siri Eyes Free

Talk to your Siri-compatible iPhone without moving your eyes from road and it will perform accordingly. Simply activate Siri voice commands by pressing in on the volume knob and you’re good to go!

With Siri Eyes Free, you can manage calls, text messages, music, social media notifications and much more without looking at your device. Multi-tasking is the forte of Siri Eyes Free. Now, you can make a hands-free call, write a message, play your favorite song, and a lot more just by using your voice.

Two-Zone Dynamic Color Illuminator

Two-zone dynamic color illuminator brightens up your dash with up to 35,000 color variations. Exciting beat-synchronized LEDs give a unique look to each track you select to play.

The head unit is equipped with 5 volts front, rear and subwoofer preamp outputs. For those who prefer a full system with actual amplifiers, they can connect the external amplifiers via these ports.

In a nutshell, MEX XB100BT is a dynamic car stereo with a plenty of power and excellent features. Before you hit the road, it’s the right time to have hands on this superb car stereo by Sony.