Everybody enjoys listening to music in their cars but most of the car stereos don’t have best sound quality; they lack in producing perfect bass.

Need to maximize the performance of your car audio system? Add a subwoofer and you are good to go! Enjoy the better, clearer and louder sound with the subwoofer’s superior bass performance. However, the conventional subwoofers take up large space in your car and you need to get proper system design so that the comfort and utility of your car remains intact.

Perfect fit

This is where JL Audio comes in. The JL Audio Stealthbox subwoofer systems are a one-stop-shop for all your perfect audio needs. JL Audio’s Stealthbox is built in such a way that it takes a little room in your car and fits in such a little space that no one knows it’s there. It’s a perfect fit.

Perfect look

Maximum performance while minimum loss of vehicle utility and comfort is the design mantra of JL Audio Stealthboxes. They are designed and customized by keeping in mind the acoustics of your car and perfect locations in the target vehicle for high quality bass. They are also made to blend in with the interior of your car.

Perfect bass

For intended great bass performance and quality output, the core of JL Audio Stealthboxes contains the JL Audio’s extensive testing and fine-tuning before the final production. They utilizes their acclaimed subwoofer components and best loading techniques and the result is a finished product that delivers great performance for every Stealthbox vehicle.

The fiberglass enclosures are hand-made in the US and they seamlessly match with the interior of your car. JL Audio manufactures stealthboxes for over 100 models of different cars and utilizes one of their three subwoofers (W7, W3V3, TW3) in every box. The installation is super easy and secure, and takes less effort to get them up and running in your vehicle.

Whether you have a BMW, Volkswagen, or a Cadillac, JL audio offers a perfect stealthbox customized for your car. Ranging from high-value series to normal car collection, they have a unique stealthbox for every vehicle. Grab one today and get bass in your car!