Where to mount tweeters in a car


Are you trying to figure out where to install the pair of tweeters that came with your recent component speaker purchase? If you are looking for the best location to install your new car audio tweeter, you’ll need to keep in mind that there isn’t one solution because every car is different. However, regardless of the type of your car, the proper tweeter installation can make all the difference in a quality audio system.

If your car currently has tweeters installed, you can use the existing locations. If your car doesn’t have factory tweeters or you want to enhance the imaging by moving the location, then you will have to do some testing in your car.

Mounting a car tweeter might not be as difficult as you may think of. Most of the tweeters come with adapters which make the installation simple and easy. Here you see three simple ways to mount your tweeter perfectly.

Always refer to the installation instructions that came with your tweeters for the proper method for mounting. Installation may vary by mounting type.

Tweeter Mounting Types

1. Surface Mount

Make a small hole into the mounting location and place the tweeter to sit on it. Run the speaker wire through the hole and adhere the mount to the surface.

2. Flush Mount

Make a hole into the mounting place equal to the size of tweeter. Adjust the tweeter to the level of its edge or angle as needed for imaging! If the factory tweeters are not installed in your car, flush mount is a common mounting method.

3. Bottom Mount

If your car currently has existing tweeters, you can replace them with the new set and you won’t need to drill a new hole. Just place under an existing grille where it fits perfectly. A bracket might be needed for installation.

Tweeters deliver the great sound if installed in front of you, 45 degree to your ears, near your shoulder level and far apart from each other. We have a few best locations where you can mount the tweeter for better sound staging and greater stereo imaging.

Common Tweeter Mounting Locations

1. A Pillar

The “A” Pillar is located between windshield and front door window, and mostly used to accommodate a factory tweeter. Offers a little depth, so ideal for surface mount.

2. Upper door

Mounting tweeters on upper part of your doors give you better stereo imaging. If your car doesn’t come equipped with factory tweeters, flush mount is likely your best bet here. Drill a large hole in the panel and secure your tweeter.

3. Dash

Some cars come with factory tweeters installed in the dash. It’s worth mentioning that tuning is a not that easy job here due to massive reflections from the windshield. A bottom mount will serve your purpose in this case. All you need is to build a bracket under the surface to secure the tweeter.