Clarion VZ509

By Chelsey P – Sonic Electronix Writer

Recently, I decided that my stock stereo system was not satisfying my needs and that I needed to upgrade my in-dash receiver. Now, I do have a Scion tC with a double DIN opening and decided to go with the stylish Clarion VZ509. This particular head unit is a 7” LCD In-dash car audio receiver with a motorized, retractable screen. One feature that I was drawn to was the touch panel interface with enhanced on-screen graphics. With these options, I am able to have better control while I’m driving without having to fumble around with the small remote. There is an integrated video IC that assists the processor in making the graphics go faster and smoother. This is perfect for me because I want to be able to get an option quickly without any sort of the delay. The display provides a clear picture, without any glare, from just about every angle. It also comes with multiple adjustments options such as brightness, color, contrast and hue for any changes you may need to make. It allows me customize my head unit to my taste and preference.

The VZ509 does have an advanced sound processor and audio adjustments to make my music sound just right. The BeatEQ system provides three types of sound tone adjustments, the Magna Bass EX enhances deep bass sounds and parametric EQ allows you to make bass, mid and treble adjustments. With these 3 options, the sound is just perfect. For expandability, I added on the Bluetooth and Navigation. Both of these modules were added making my system complete. Now these aren’t the only two features available, but satellite radio can be added also. Since I listen to my CDs and iPod every day, this wasn’t a huge deal for me. A receiver with iPod compatibility was especially important. This Clarion head unit comes with a rear USB connection allowing me to play my music while being able to control it from my screen! My new head unit has made me extremely happy and it will do the same for you.