Cerwin-Vega is a well known audio company that has been on top for over 50 years in pro, home, and mobile audio. However in the car audio industry even the best subwoofer in the world is rendered useless without a proper car amplifier to provide the necessary power to get the best performance out of any subwoofer. Cerwin-Vega is known for setting industry standards and they were not going to let some other car audio company provide the proper power and signal to their amazing line of subwoofers. So they took it upon themselves to manufacture Cerwin-Vega car amplifiers that meet their high-standards but that are also easy to use and most important, in today’s economy, affordable.

Cerwin-Vega HED500.1


The Cerwin-Vega HED500.1 is one of four new HED series amplifiers from Cerwin-Vega. The amplifier as an RMS power rating of 150 watts @ 4 ohms and 250 watts @ 2 ohms, making this monoblock class AB car amplifier the perfect solution when looking to power up a single “entry” level subwoofer, like the Cerwin-Vega HED124 or any other “entry” level suboowfer within the allotted power ratings. Usually “affordable” amplifiers lack in features and sometimes quality but this is not the case with the HED500.1. The amplifier features LED power and protect indicators that allow the user to easily and visually see if the amplifier is working properly. High-level speaker inputs and low-level RCA inputs allow the amplifier to be installed in any vehicle, even as an OEM integration amplifier. This is perfect for those who have a vehicle dash that they don’t want to mess with. For a more defined and tailored sound reproduction the amplifier features a low-pass filter and sub-sonic filter that will allow for finer tuning of the car audio system. The Vega Bass Boost will allow a 0-12+dB bass boost giving you more control of bass output, while the included remote bass level control allows for bass control from the convenience of the front seat eliminating the need to constantly adjust the amplifier directly. High-density alloy heatsink will increase heat dissipation while the System Protection circuitry will protect the amplifier from shorts and clipping. This will increase performance and more importantly longevity. Cerwin-Vega’s HED500.1 is the perfect amplifier to get your car audio system started at a price that is affordable with features that are not always found in entry-level car amplifiers.

Cerwin-Vega STEALTH500.1


Cerwin-Vega’s STEALTH500.1 is one of three new Stealth series amplifiers from Cerwin-Vega. Cerwin-Vega is aware that not all cars have ample space when upgrading the audio system and thus created an amplifier with a small chassis that would take up minimal space. The STEALTH500.1 is rated at 200 watts @ 4 ohms, 325 watts @ 2 ohms, and 500 watts @ 1 ohm. These power handling ratings give the amplifier versatility and make it perfect to power up an HED, VEGA, SMAX, or VMAX Cerwin-Vega car subwoofer. The amplifier features a Recovering Thermal Management System that monitors internal thermal temperature by reducing power output when overheating occurs. This allows the amplifier to play for long periods of time without the worry of overheating or causing damage to the amplifier. Low-pass and subsonic filters allow the amplifier to be fined tuned to specific frequencies to better suit the personal needs of the buyer. The Vega Bass Boost will give 0-12+dB of bass boost that can be easily adjusted from the front seat with the included remote bass level control. The amplifier features panel mount RCA inputs for quick and secure installation and a heavy duty alloy aluminum heatsink that decreases heat output and increase performance and quality. The small chassis will allow the amplifier to fit under the passenger or driver seat giving you a shorter run of wiring and thus decreases the opportunity for interference or bad signal. Cerwin-Vega’s STEALTH500.1 is the perfect size with the perfect amount of power.