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Audix Microphones
Audix is an all American Company founded in 1984 in Redwood City California where all research and development as well as the manufacturing of their entire line of microphones until the company relocated to Oregon in 1991. Audix mics are the only major microphone manufacturer in the world who’s products are still designed and manufactured totally in the united states, enabling Audix to oversee and insure the quality of their microphones from start to finish.

Audix MicrophonesThe OM-2 is Audix’s 58 killer.Pictured to the left with a pink camo SkinIt this mic is versatile and rugged, this little microphone is a Swiss Army Knife both in the studio and on stage. With high SPL tolerances this mic sounds great on guitar cabs as well as vocals and is tough enough to hammer in a nail with it, though I suggest you don’t do that with your microphones.   The OM-2 features an elevated presence at the high mid frequencies giving the mic a supperior presence for vocals and guitars.
Audix instrument microphones are an unmatched in quality for an affordable price, they have a tool for every job.

Audix MicrophonesDo you ever find yourself looking for a bit more umph! Out of a grand piano? Try an Audix D-4 clamped right onto string frame aimed right for the hammers to give your piano a little punch while a stereo pair of large diaphragm condenser mics such as the Audix CX112B for pristine clarity and detail. The D-4 is also one of my favorite choices on a rock n roll 8×10 bass cab especially to pick up a punchy milkshake tone in combination with some growl in the upper registers.

Audix MicrophonesIf you are a horn or harp player Audix has the mic for you. The Fireball and the Fireball V are designed like the coveted vintage bullet style harmonica mics played by the blues legends. The ergonomic design ensures ease and accuracy while the high spl levels can handle the hardest harp blowers.   The Fireball V features a a volume level knob right on the microphone for even more control in the palm of your hand.


Audix Drum MicsAudix has an incredible selection of drum packages to mic up your entire drum set. The DP5A as well as all of the drum packs from Audix feature specific mics for your kick, snare, toms, hi hats, and overheads.