Produced by Honda from 2000 until 2005, the seventh-generation Honda Civic was a consecutive Car of The Year Japan award winner in its home country and a renowned compact sedan that can be seen cruising the roads anywhere in the world up to this day and age. 

The Honda Civic’s popularity is carried by its proven dependability on the road, its economical price, and how it serves as the perfect base for installing mods  – namely a car audio system overhaul. 

In this blog, we will discuss information about the Honda Civic 7th-gen’s existing factory car audio system and how to completely overhaul this by choosing the best upgrades and guiding you throughout the installation process. 

Read on to learn what it takes to give your prized Honda Civic the best sound quality and system functionality. 

CAUTION: Make sure you have car audio installation experience and are equipped with the right tools if you attempt to do this by yourself.

Replacing the factory stereo system

The Honda Civic 7th gen is equipped with a standard AM/FM factory receiver including a CD player that can be changed for a CD changer – having this as a default in your factory stereo means that the CD changer component cannot be used anymore with the new stereo system. The standard factory system also runs a 4-speaker or a 6-speaker arrangement.

The Civic’s factory stereo is tucked in a dash opening that is able to fit an aftermarket stereo using the appropriate Single DIN or Double DIN dash kit and a wire harness that can be used to easily connect your car audio system’s wiring without the need to splice or cut anything.

Knowing what type of aftermarket stereo to pick really depends on what new hardware and software feature you need: it could still be a Single DIN In-Dash receiver with Bluetooth, or a Double DIN LCD Receiver that is capable of utilizing Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for modernized ease of access.

Retaining steering wheel audio controls with your upgrade

Regardless of what type of new aftermarket stereo has been chosen to replace the factory-issued one, the convenience of the Civic’s steering wheel audio controls can still be retained to work using steering wheel control adapters/interfaces such as Axxess ASWC-1 Steering Wheel Control Adapter (AXSWC)

However, if you plan to overhaul your 7th-generation Honda Civic Hybrid, which has sensitive electronics, be sure to proceed with caution or contact us to connect with our team of experienced professional installers who can help you.

Upgrading the factory speakers 

The standard factory speaker setup of a 7th-generation Honda Civic consists of a two-speaker or four-speaker component configuration including tweeters in the sail panels at the front door, and three full-range speakers at the rear deck corner.

Here’s a full overview of all speaker sizes and types that are compatible with the Honda Civic 7th gen:

1″TweeterFront Door
.75″TweeterFront Door
6.5″Full-RangeFront Door
5.25″Full-RangeRear Deck Corner
6.5″Full-RangeRear Deck Corner
6″x 9″Full-RangeRear Deck Corner

The car’s front factory speakers can be replaced with full-range speakers that could fit easily in the front enclosures using a mounting bracket – this requires drilling the door panels to fit the original speaker size.

As for the rear factory speakers, they can be upgraded to bolt-in speakers with large openings or supported by mounting brackets to accommodate even 6″x9″ full-range speaker models.

To get the best and most accurate speaker choices for your Honda Civic, make sure to input your vehicle in our Vehicle Fit Guide on our main Sonic Electronix website.

Installing an amplifier & subwoofer

Honda did not supply any standard amplifier or subwoofer to complete the Civic’s factory car audio system for the 7th-generation model. Nevertheless, they gave this car lots of space in the trunk where you can set up your own amplifier and the subwoofer plus the subwoofer enclosure.

Before deciding what to buy, make sure that your amplifier and subwoofer’s RMS are matched to prevent equipment damage.

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