Technician Anthony B. carefully reattaches a door panel after a successful speaker upgrade

There are two things to consider when it comes to getting car audio gear into your vehicle. First you’ll need to buy the equipment, and then you’ll need to have it installed. In many cases, enthusiasts will procrastinate and leave a component or entire audio system sitting in a garage or closet, waiting to be installed. Stop letting all of that awesome audio gear collect dust and take it over to Sonic Electronix today to have all your gear installed by our professionals. We offer the highest quality car stereo installation at competitive prices.

Installation Manager Allyn R. showing the low quality factory speakers in this Honda Civic


We currently offer installation at our retail location in Valencia, CA. This means if you’re coming by to pick up some gear, you can have it installed into your vehicle in the same visit, & drive out of our parking lot jamming to your new stereo or subwoofer. Sonic Electronix is proud to be a one-stop solution for all of your car audio needs.


Allyn verifies that the speaker fits before sealing up the doors

Not only do we specialize in cars, we also have extensive experience installing in boats, ATV’s, and more! For more information on making appointments, requesting price quotes, or to view a general price list, check out our Car Audio & Video Installation Services!