In a world where technology gives us the freedom to do whatever we want, whenever we want, it’s not always easy following the rules. One of the more recent laws that we have all had to deal with is the ban on texting and driving. Now I will admit its much more efficient to shoot off a text while out on the open road, rather than pulling all the way over to poke a button or two, but it is in fact 100% illegal to text and drive in the state of California. Luckily a solution will soon be available.

Effective January 1st, Governor Jerry Brown is enacting a bill that will allow you to use a hands-free device that assists you in sending a text message or an email. I know it’s not the most exciting solution in the world, but it’s much better than not texting at all! We’ve all been in the position where you’re trying to shoot off a text and suddenly you look up to find yourself in the next lane over. Not safe! This law will assuredly cut down on your near-death experiences. You’re probably wondering… where can I get one of these fancy hands-free doodads? Sonic Electronix of course, duh.

We actually carry a couple of solutions to texting and driving. First, the Motorolla HZ800 is a Bluetooth ear piece that not only gives you wireless call capabilities, but let’s you dictate your own text messages to send off to your friends. It even cancels out wind noise up to 40mph for a more accurate dictation. Now, if you’re like me and hate things poking you in the ear, go with the Motorola Tz710 Roadster. It’s essentially a Bluetooth speakerphone that clips onto your sun visor, giving you voice commands to many of your phones functions including, yes, texting. This universal piece is great because it’s affordable, and lets you send and receive messages and emails clearly and effectively.

There you have it. No longer should you be a trouble maker, because there are multiple solutions that almost anyone with a Bluetooth phone can do. I’ve got my hands-free device… now it’s your turn!