Why Wakeboard Tower Speakers

Summer is quickly approaching and you have to get your boat, UTV or any other project vehicle fitted with the appropriate wakeboard tower speakers before they sell out. Investing in a set of wakeboard tower speakers brings your favorite audio tracks to life no matter where you go. Whether the elements throw sand, dust, salt water or UV rays your way; your wakeboard tower speakers are protected. These speakers are designed to withstand any terrain you put them through.

Now let’s define what makes a good wakeboard tower speaker. These speakers must either be water-resistant or waterproof (there is a difference), corrosion protected and able to withstand extreme vibrations. Manufacturers have spent decades and countless dollars/hours developing these marine grade speakers. Also ensure the RMS power is capable of combating the sound of your boat’s engine and lastly the wiring and other components are up to marine standards.

Wakeboard Tower Speakers with wakeboard installed on boat

Top 5 Wakeboard Tower Speakers for 2017

Before I begin my list I need to emphasize that brands do matter. Not at all products are created equal. This is a comprehensive list from the experts at Sonic Electronix taking into consideration sound quality, price, RMS power, and of course durability.

1.) Wet Sounds REV 10 B-SCV2

Wet Sounds takes the cake. These speakers are sleek, sexy and have a frequency response covering the entire audible range of the human ear (20-20,000hz). Wet Sounds earned its reputation by dedicating it’s entire catalog to marine products. As far as durability and overall sound quality are concerned, these speakers set the bar.

With a power handling of 600w RMS your boat just got an audio makeover. Testament to their premium quality, Wet Sounds is the only manufacturer on the list that gives a 2 year warranty. They are confident in their products and so is Sonic Electronix. If you have the means, I highly recommend Wet Sounds.

There are so many reasons why this is the highest rated speaker on the list. Wet Sounds Revolution Series speakers are leaders within this industry because of their proprietary REV TECH technology. The differentiating factor is not the high volume output while maintaining overall sound quality. But more so the full range it has on and off the axis that can be heard from far distances. In fact these speakers were designed to be heard while you are wakeboarding. If you are at a distance of 70 feet or more, do not fret you can still hear these speakers without loosing any of the detail.

2.) JL Audio MX770-ETXv3-SGJL Audio MX770 ETXv3 SG WH White with Sport Grilles 500W Peak (140W RMS) 7.7" 2-Way MX-Series Enclosed Tower Speakers

Built in the United States utilizing global components, JL Audio hit a home run with this one. I love the custom grille found on their marine speakers and subwoofers. The manufacturer did not cheap out when it came down to business. These 8″ tower speakers are enclosed within an injection-molded enclosure for high performance sound; not to mention 140w RMS of pure audio bliss.

Power this system with an amplifier in the 25-150w range per channel for optimum sound. With the user’s best interest in mind, JL Audio features a decorative aluminum cap on the end of each speaker allowing you to orient your speakers however you’d like! Like all JL Audio marine speakers, this system is built to withstand a real saltwater environment delivering years of enjoyment.

3.) Rockford Fosgate PM282WRockford Fosgate Punch Marine PM282W (White) 400W 8" Punch Marine Series Wakeboard Tower Speakers

Rockford Fosgate is a manufacturer we can trust. Whether you are upgrading your car’s stock sound, adding an amplifier to your motorcycle, or fitting your boat with marine speakers; Rockford Fosgate is always a safe choice. Taking extreme measure to optimize sound quality and overall performance, these speakers can withstand the extreme conditions of the great outdoors.

Featured within a sealed enclosure is an 8″ driver and a 1″ tweeter working in harmony to produce your favorite music. The high end materials, poly-ethylene and stainless steel grille, only contribute to the prominence and durability of these wakeboard tower speakers. With 200w RMS, your day on the lake just got a little more exciting.

4.) Bazooka MT8265B

Bazooka MT8265B 2 Black 8" Marine Tubbies, Double Ended 2-Way Marine Tower Speakers

The aerodynamic design of Bazooka’s wakeboard tower speakers contribute crisp sound on the go. The ported enclosure housing these speakers is in my opinion the coolest feature. That is something rarely seen among marine audio. Not to mention the ability to rotate a full 360° really gives the user free range over the product. The quick disconnect clamps offer a simple plug and play install process. Also the stainless steel mounting hardware reduces the possibility of corrosion. And the best part; this 250w RMS pair creates premium sound without breaking the bank.

5.) MB Quart NT1-120L

MB Quart 8 Illuminated Wakeboard Tower Speaker NT1 120L 140W 8" 2-Way Nautic Illuminated Wake Tower Marine Speaker - Sold Individually

MB Quart released this 8″ illuminated tower speaker for those looking to get the most for their dollar. With a power handling of 70w RMS, sold individually, you can run this speaker off almost any marine grade digital receiver. The 1″ pure titanium dome tweeter and water resistant composite polypropylene cone lets you take your favorite music anywhere, guaranteed to withstand the elements. And lastly the aesthetic appeal of the built in illumination looks amazing.

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