What is Apple CarPlay?

After discussing the benefits Android Auto in the last article, it is also important to also discuss the benefits of using Apple CarPlay. Apple CarPlay works in a similar way that Android Auto does by simplifying some of the most important information on your device. It has a similar benefit of a hands-free approach. It has Siri enabled that allows you to utilize voice commands to your device.

Another great feature of Apple CarPlay is the menu itself. It has a more stream line approach and the menu looks very similar to what you might see on the home screen of your iPhone. The apps are very large which makes the functionality easier when driving. Apple decided to keep things very simple and easy to navigate.

Apple CarPlay also has a large library of compatible apps. Some of the most popular ones that you might be familiar with are Waze, What’s App and Google Maps to name a few. There are also many podcast and music apps to chose from such as Pocket Casts, Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play Music, Tidal and more.

One major way Apple CarPlay differs however, is that it is not an app you can download on your phone like Android Auto. This means that you cannot just simply download the app and mount your phone and use it like a heads-up display. In order to use it you must have a compatible head unit either from the factory or from an aftermarket stereo.


How to Get it?

Both of the stereos I mentioned in the previous article were not only compatible with Android Auto, but also with Apple CarPlay. The two that I mentioned were the Pioneer MVH-2400NEX and the Alpine iLX-207. Some of the other options available are the JVC KW-M740BT and the Pioneer AVH-3400NEX. The unique thing about the second Pioneer option is that it is a single din stereo with a flip out touch screen. Similar to Android Auto, all Apple CarPlay compatible devices are going to have the same interface once you are in the app.

With IOS controlling nearly 45% of the entire market share of mobile devices in the United States, it’s good to be aware of all available options for your devices. Another important thing to note is that every iPhone since the iPhone 5 is compatible with Apple CarPlay. In addition to the aftermarket options, there are many car makers ranging from premium luxury brands to your more basic vehicles that are now offering Apple CarPlay as an additional option or even make it standard in their vehicles. The list of Car Brands that offer it is ever expanding as the technology becomes more widely adopted.

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