Last week I wrote an article about installing a car mount in your vehicle in order to have a better hands-free driving experience. I touched on using Android Auto to simplify your device and only see the things that are most important to you. In this article I will dive into this subject further about the benefits of using android auto and what head units offer it.

Features & Compatible Apps

First thing that is important to mention is that you do not necessarily have to upgrade your stereo in order to have Android Auto. Unlike Apple Car Play, Android Auto is actually an app that is available on all Android phones running Android 5.0 and above (Newest update in 2019 is Android 9 Pie). Essentially it takes your most important information such as your texts, calls, maps and music and displays them on a simplified menu that makes it far easier to navigate. Many people attempt to navigate from app to app while driving, such as using maps and trying to call a friend at the same time. This can be extremely dangerous because of how distracting it is. Android Auto keeps all of this information on one app. Android Auto also has Google Assistant enabled to allow you to have a better hands free experience.

Another feature to note about Android Auto is the other 3rd party apps that are compatible with it. Android Auto has an entire list of various apps that are compatible such as Waze, Facebook Messenger and What’s App. There is also a long list of Music apps that you can use such as Google Play Music, Spotify, YouTube Music and Pandora.

How to Get Android Auto in your Vehicle

To connect Android Auto to your car you need some way to connect your phone to your speakers whether that is an aux import, Bluetooth or via USB. If you don’t have one of these options however, it might be better to just upgrade your whole stereo so that you can have these features at your fingertips.

If you have a way to connect phone to your existing speakers, then make sure purchase a cell phone mount. Cell phone mounts are great because they mount your device in a location that will not be a distraction to you. Read this article for more information about their features and the laws regarding car mounts.

Compatible Head Units

Another great feature of Android Auto is that the app on your phone looks identical to version that you will see on your factory or aftermarket head unit. Compatible head units offer larger screens with better visibility than you would get on your phone. One of our most popular Android Auto compatible Stereos is the Pioneer MVH-2400NEX. This headset is rated 4.9 stars from over 82 reviews and you can purchase it right now for only $319.95 after mail-in rebate. Another option is the Alpine iLX-207 and it is one of our newest head-units available at this time. You can check out our full list of Android Auto compatible stereos here if you are looking for more options.

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*This Article is an update to our 2016 article Android Auto Aftermarket Head Unit and Features


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