AutoNet Mobile KT-ANMRTR-04

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

The internet is everywhere.  It is in our homes, on our phones, at our local coffee shops, and even in our cars.  Since we live in a world where we rely on the internet and use it everyday, there is no reason why we can not have instant access where ever we go.  Years ago, AutoNet Mobile introduced a portable router that was designed to bring the luxury of the internet into the car.  The original AutoNet KT-ANMRTR-01 was the first of its kind and it revolutionized the mobile industry by allowing the average consumer the option to get high-speed internet access in their car.  With its great original success, AutoNet is back with the release of the their latest mobile router.

The redesigned AutoNet has introduced a new look, as well as some features that the original AutoNet lacked.  The new router features a more convenient and compact antenna that does not get in the way of mounting, storage, and overall general everyday use.  The smaller body does not have two pivoting antenna, but has one single antenna that runs along the side of the router base.  Aside from the design, the most notable change that the AutoNet KT-ANMRTR-04 has is the mounting docking station.  Each router is installed in a docking cradle that mounts separately from the router itself.  This makes installation much easier, as well as allows the option for use in many different vehicles.  Since the router dock and the router itself are separate from each other, multiple docks can be installed into different vehicles.  All it requires is the ASY-DOCKNM-01 to be installed in the other vehicles. This allows the AutoNet Wi-Fi router to be moved from one car to the next easily and with out hassle.  This feature is perfect for businesses that have many company vehicles and go on frequent business trips.  While it is great for businesses, the AutoNet KT-ANMRTR-04 is also perfect for family road trips and personal use.  With these mobile routers, you will never be with out internet access again!