Audiobahn has long been familiar with the car audio industry. Audiobahn became popular not only because of its performing audio gear but because of the years of support and allegiance from its customers, and other marketing partners. Established in 1997, a huge following was attributed to the Audiobahn name and it set something of a wild-fire among the car audio industry for anything and everything 12-volt. From magazine editors to car show fanatics, its reputation over the years has helped them come up in the car audio industry.

For well over a decade Audiobahn has worked to accomplish many tasks within the car audio industry. They manufactured a variety of high-performance, enhanced aftermarket vehicle stereo systems to a demanding world of car audio enthusiasts. Here in 2011, Audiobahn has decided to reemerge among the car audio industry with an entirely new product line-up. Some of the new products introduced to their new 2011 line-up is their new High Current Series of Car Amplifiers, and Natural Sound Subwoofers.

The High Current Series Amplifiers features the same attractive appearance found on previous Audiobahn products with the chrome plated flame design panel. The high current series also comes equipped with dual cooling fans that keep the amps temperature at a safe operating level, and a cobalt blue illumination to add to the eye catching appearance. There’s also a large display voltage meter and blue illuminating readout. The High Current Series has enhanced stability and a since it has the digital meter you’re sure to be kept with constant readouts from your system. The new Audiobahn Natural Sound Subwoofers like the AW1051T are excellent subwoofers with a non-pressed non-transfer paper cone for optimal sound quality and woofer response. A 1-1/2” treated foam surround allows for advanced excursion. These highly efficient products are just some of the exciting products we’ll be seeing from Audiobahn this year, so keep an eye out for more news on the Audiobahn 2011 product line-up.