Kicker VS12L32

Success can be measured in many different ways. You can design a product capable of miracles yet hardly reliable and still be considered successful. You can also design the most reliable product on the market but isn’t user-friendly whatsoever and still call yourself successful. In the general public’s eyes you may not be considered successful, but in your own world you may have accomplished all that was required by you. Kicker has had a reputation in the car audio industry for not satisfying for unsatisfactory success. When you consider real success, success that we all have an easy time agreeing on, a great example would be Kickers most successful innovation yet – the square subwoofer. Kickers design for the square subwoofer blends reliability along with uncompromised quality. This was made apparent with Kicker’s flagship Solo-Baric L7.

Kicker’s square subwoofers have always been a premium option when it came to picking out a new subwoofer for your vehicle. Kicker has always been a company with a variety of subwoofer models to offer a range from a smaller Kicker Comp requiring 150 watts of power, all the way to an 18” SoloX requiring 5,000 watts of RMS power. The newly introduced 2011 square subwoofer is the Kicker L3. This particular subwoofers takes its place in the subwoofer line-up right next to the CompVR subwoofer. These two subwoofers will have a lot that is exactly the same such as quality and durability, but you’ll also have some differences between the two. The Kicker L3 will get you more overall bass response. Being as that it is a square driver you’ll have additional surface area even though the drivers are considered the same size. Basically, this means that a 12” L3 will have more output than other 12” drivers with the exact same power handling. Square drivers have overall surface area, so a 12” square may sound like a 15” round. The Loaded L3 is a great option to consider for easy installation and incredible bass response.