MB Quart ONYX Series

2011 is a big year for Maxxsonics with all of the different lines that they carry. The MB Quart line is one in particular that received a lot of attention. The introduction of a new silk dome tweeter, the continuation of the Q series, and the new shallow marine subwoofer are just a few of the newest enhancements to the product line. However, there is another addition to the MB Quart family that is quite exciting. With New ONYX subwoofers are now available, a complete ONYX series can be installed in your vehicle.

MB Quart introduced 4 different ONYX subwoofers to finalize the product line. There are two round 12” woofers (one dual 2 and the other dual 4), a 12” square, and a 10” dual 4 ohm. With these 4 different options of subs, any system can easily be complemented with some quality bass. Each subwoofer shares some unique features that really separate them from the rest of the subwoofers out there. To start, each features an illuminated MB Quart logo on the cone. It is completely optional and has a separate power terminal near the speaker terminals. Once connected the logo on the dust cap lights up. It is a great look while showing off the subwoofers at night. The MB Quart ONX304SQ is the square subwoofer that is sure to make a huge impression in the industry this year.

Each of the subs has a high gloss piano black finish that perfectly matches the speakers in the same series. MB Quart also offers a line of amplifiers that have a piano black finish. After installing the ONYX speakers, subwoofers, and amplifiers in your vehicle, you complete ONYX set up will sound incredible. Do you already have some of the ONYX products? Leave a comment and let us know how you like your ONYX products!