Have any big goals for the new year? Do they include upgrading your car’s audio system? If the answer is yes, then look no further because Sonic Electronix has you covered. Our staff has chosen five new products we’re excited about that you should consider. We’ve selected brands that pride themselves on providing high-quality products to their customers.

1. Massive Audio BP2000.1 v2

As part of their “Live Loud and Play Hard” motto, the Massive Audio BP2000.1v2 offers top of the line performance. All amplifiers in their BLADE BP Series come equipped with built-in OEM line converters with RCA inputs that can take a high-level speaker signal up to 9 volts. This Class D amplifier also offers 5-way protection circuitry and a built-in auto-sensing turn on function. See why Massive Audio stands out among the competition!

2. Kenwood KFCS 1666

If you are looking to upgrade your vehicle’s speaker system, consider purchasing Kenwood’s KFC-1666S. These 6.5” 2-way speakers are designed to fit a wide range of cars with their 5/16” mounting height. The enlarged magnet circuit helps get crisp and clear sound throughout your entire vehicle. What makes these speakers stand out from the pack are the sound field enhancers. This allows for high quality to be amplified in your vehicle. To learn more about speakers, check out our blog all about car speakers.

3. Pioneer TSA1607C

When it comes to component speaker systems, look no further than to Pioneer. The TS-A1607C makes it easy to install with its multi-fit installation adapters. The flexible adapters help improve acoustic performance. This kit also comes with tweeter mounts, flush mounting, and specially designed multi-fit adapters for mounting in OE tweeter locations. Pioneer’s OPEN & SMOOTH concept brings a seamless and smooth transition between the midrange and tweeter drivers to deliver uniform sound while the speakers are faced away from the listeners. When it comes to premium sound, consider purchasing from Pioneer.

4. Massive Audio HIPPO84V2

Bring booming bass to your vehicle with Massive Audio’s HIPPO84V2! Although large in size, these subwoofers are nimble enough to bring you rich low ends throughout your entire vehicle’s sound system. This Massive Audio subwoofer is designed with unusually deep Diamond polished Cast Aluminum baskets with double-stacked Strontium Magnets. These subs are built to last thanks to their Kevlar Fiber Reinforced Non-Pressed Paper Cone with Industrial Textured Finish and its stitched edges for added strength. If you are looking to install your own set of subs for the year, check out our blog on the topic here!

5. Cerwin-Vega VPAS10v2

Looking to bring massive bass to your car but don’t want to sacrifice space in your trunk? Cerwin-Vega has got you covered! Their powered active subwoofer, the VPAS10V2, provides an ultimate all-in-one Bass Solution Package without taking up any space in your trunk. This subwoofer comes equipped with an integrated amplifier encased in a cast aluminum heatsink along with the subwoofer. To learn more about powered subwoofers, you can check out our blog on the topic here!

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