With the proliferation of iPods, tablets, and laptops, quality audio technology has never been as widespread and accessible as in today’s world. Yet no other demographic is more often overlooked than children. Products that are safe for adults are not always safe for children; this is especially true when in regard to headphones. The standards for safe listening for children are dramatically different than those for for adults. For instance,  a child’s sensitive ears are damaged at levels beyond 85db– a level considered safe for adults. Headphones designed for adults can easily exceed 85db and are generally capable of reaching levels over 100db. Such blaring sound levels could do considerable, perhaps irreparable damage to a child’s ears .

Arcade Series Asteroid

In response to the pressing needs of children and the concern of parents, few manufacturers have addressed the issue as directly as AERIAL7 has with the introduction of the Arcade Series designed specifically for children. Unlike many headphones assumed to be used by adults, the Arcade Series features a unique Automatic Volume Reduction (AVR) technology. The AERIAL7
Arcade Series with AVR prevents children from reaching unsafe sound levels by automatically lowering the maximum volume within OSHA recommended levels for children. AVR technology is unique to AERIAL7 and cannot be found with any other company, making AERIAL7 the leader in child headphone safety.

In keeping with AERIAL7’s commitment to advanced technology and style, the Arcade Series is as appealing as it is safe. With color combinations including the  Asteroid (pictured right), the Pakman, and the Angel, there is a concept to satisfy the unique sense of style of any child.

Moreover, the Arcade Series is constructed of only the strongest material to withstand the intense lifestyle of children. The headband and cushions have been designed to provide the most comfortable and enjoyable fit for children.

Although technology has broadened the domain of children beyond the playground, the AERIAL7 Arcade Series and its innovative AVR technology proves that responsible parenting in the technological age is not a lost art.