Universal Wireless Bluetooth GPS Receiver

Portable devices such as iPods, iPads, and smartphones have really become a staple in our everyday lives. Two of the most popular and sought after features on many of these devices are GPS and Bluetooth, some may already have those built-in and some may not. If you have one of those portable devices that does not include GPS or Bluetooth, Dual has come to your rescue with their XGPS150.

The Dual XGPS150 is a universal wireless Bluetooth GPS receiver that allows you to add GPS & Bluetooth functionality to your iOS devices such as iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone, or any Bluetooth enabled device. With this receiver, you can now use apps that require GPS information like marine navigation, aviation, golfing, geocoaching, hiking, GPS tracking, running, and other fitness apps. Dual offers a free app that provides you with satellite signal strength, longitude & latitude coordinates, and altitude coordinates anywhere you may be. The Bluetooth auto-discovery feature makes the XGPS150 very easy to pair with other devices, in most cases taking less than one minute. It boasts a 33 foot Bluetooth signal range that allows it to be positioned in a prime location with the best view of the sky for ultimate signal strength. This Bluetooth GPS receiver is equipped with its own rechargeable battery that will last up to 8 hours, eliminating the worry of battery drain on your portable device.

Dual’s XGPS150 features an easy to use interface mounted in a square box that measures 2.2” wide and tall. The red metal circle has four icon logos for Bluetooth, battery indicator, GPS signal indicator, and power. Located on the very top of this receiver is a Mini USB port for charging, and a mode switch for pairing (Right is for iPad/iPod/iPhone, Left is for all other devices). This receiver comes with an anti-slip rubber pad for mounting, adjustable arm-band strap for outdoor and fitness applications, USB cable for power and charging, and a 12V car charger.

The Dual XGPS150 will enhance the features of your portable devices and provide you with a reliable source of GPS and Bluetooth.