Car Audio and Video is an industry with options that are practically limitless! GPS Navigation was introduced and made more practical to vehicles within the past 10 years, and this technology has been improved upon and redesigned into recent years. GPS Navigation is a growing trend found in most vehicles today, even found on dash mounted touch-screen devices as well. JVC Mobile’s KW-AVX840 Double Din DVD Multimedia Receiver is the found in JVC’s 2011 product line up, and features an iPhone application mode which allows a navigation interface to show up directly on the 7” touchscreen. This iPhone application, MotionX GPS Drive, costs 0.99 cents in the iPhone application store, plus an additional $19.99 per year to add voice guidance and traffic updates. This is a cost-effective alternative to purchasing a “Navigation Ready” receiver which requires a module which in most cases can cost over $200.

Since the JVC KW-AVX840 will be displaying the navigation application through a special “iPhone Application Mode” which allows audio and video from iPhone applications to display onto the KW-AVX840 and play through your speakers. This means that there is a slight limitation as far as Navigation Control. You’ll need to put all navigation commands through the iPhone itself, but the interface will display onto the radio. This limitation is anticipated since the navigation application is found on the iPhone directly and not designed specifically for the KW-AVX840. The application has been optimized to display properly along with the KW-AVX840, however so there is still practically integration between the two.

Not only does JVC Mobile’s KW-AVX840 have this convenient add-on for Navigation, but it also features convenient Built-In Bluetooth technology, Radio Data System (RDS), and El Kameleon proximity sensors. The El Kameleon technology allows for convenient night driving by keeping the KW-AVX840 concealed when activity hasn’t taken place with the receiver for a specific amount of time. The JVC KW-AVX840 is also Dual Zone capable which allows for different entertainment options when outputting audio to rear monitors. Don’t have rear monitors? That’s fine! The dual zone feature can also be used to output different radio to the back of your vehicle so everyone can hear their favorite tunes or radio stations on trips.