JL Audio 10W7-3AE-3

JL Audio is one of the most recognized car audio companies in the world. There is a certain elegance, beauty and just plain sexiness to JL Audio that is not easily matched by other car audio companies. JL Audio is a company that sets the standard for excellence and performance and has been doing so for 10 years with their W7 subwoofer series. 2011 will mark the tenth anniversary of one of the most successful subwoofer drivers in this industry and JL Audio has pulled out the red carpet for what they call “their flagship automotive subwoofer driver”.

When a single series has been on the top of the car audio industry and of every true car audio aficionado for 10 years there is really just one way to commemorate this amazing milestone. The new JL Audio 10W7AE-3 will be offered in a special “Anniversary Edition” trim, which includes a satin black frame finish, a bright-anodized trim ring and special badging to set it apart from any other 10” W7. With its patented technology and personalized component parts, the JL Audio 10W7AE-3 will produce amazing bass with tremendous consistency no matter how long or how loud you play your audio system. JL Audio has engineered individual component parts for each model of the W7 making the 10W7AE-3 that more unique and setting it even further apart than any other subwoofer on the market.

JL Audio’s 10W7AE-3 will feature 750 watts of RMS power with a single 3 Ohm voice coil and will perform beautifully in a sealed or ported enclosure. In addition the 10W7AE-3 will have Overoll Surround, which helps to control the excursion of the 10W7AE-3 without having to render any cone area. This technology will help the subwoofer create more excursions while still maintaining linear movement throughout long listening sessions. Another benefit is that the mounting holes will be concealed by the surround and thus giving a much more elegant and classy look to the subwoofer. The Elevated Frame Cooling technology will elevated the frame of the 10W7AE-3 which will deliver cool air directly to the voice coil thus giving the voice coil a much higher thermal power handling and a better performance through the life of the subwoofer. The 10W7AE-3 is equipped with a Huge Diameter, Progressive-Roll Spider, which creates a more centered and linear movement to reduce distortion. This is one the reason that the 10W7AE-3 is set apart from other subwoofers. With this technology the woofer is able to produce tight and precise bass while not compromising the sound quality that you usually get with subwoofers at this RMS power rating. JL Audio decided to go with a 3 Ohm voice coil because it was the best way for them to produce significant power and sound quality without burning out the voice coil due to extreme heat. The Ultra-Long Voice Coil technology enables the 10W7AE-3 to dissipate heat from the voice coil much more efficiently than other subwoofers, which gives you more control on efficiency and sound quality at the extreme excursion levels of the 10W7AE-3

JL Audio’s 10W7AE-3 is one the most desired car subwoofers on the market. With all of its patent technologies and revamped design, the “Anniversary Edition” is a great addition for those true car audio enthusiasts. JL Audio W7 Series is the way to go when looking for accurate bass and amazing sound quality.