What’s That Behind You!?

I don’t know about you but one of the last things I want to do, when peeling out backing up out of my driveway, is to run over something or someone. That’s why I got myself a backup camera system. This way I can see everything behind me and I’m free to do reverse donuts in my Volkswagen anytime I want.* And if reverse donuts aren’t a good reason to get a backup camera system then these statistics are: Every week, 50 children are injured in accidents involving backing up and out of those 50, 2 of them are fatalities. That’s scary, which is why so many car manufacturers are including them on newer vehicles. There are even bills pending in Congress for backup cameras to be required. Which is why we bring you the Top 3 Backup Camera Solutions.

Backup CamerasThe Classic:

Some things are just classics. Coca-cola Classic, the Ford Mustang, Gone with the Wind (or so I’m told, not my cup of coffee) and finally, the backup camera and touchscreen head unit combo. It’s a staple of high end vehicle equipment and for good reason. It’s easy enough to install for the average DIY’er, reliable and has a nice OEM look to it. And, the touchscreen is conveniently located so you don’t have to crane your neck in some bizarre angle.

The Alternative:

Life is about choices. Pepsi or Coca-cola, the Mustang or the Camaro, Gone with the Wind or Saw… The lists go on. Instead of the Classic camera solution you can instead choose to use a camera with an independent monitor. If you don’t want to remove your factory head unit for whatever reason, you can instead use a dash mount monitor which works equally as well. This solution gives you some flexibility; you can mount the monitor in a convenient location instead of the head unit slot and you also get the added benefit of being able to use the head unit while the camera is on. Let’s say you’re driving down the freeway watching the trailer you have hooked up to your vehicle. You can watch the trailer on the monitor and can still control the head unit functions like changing songs or radio stations.

The High Tech:

Super cool….

If you’re the kind of person who signed up to Beta test Google Glass, or uses a Smartphone instead of a flip phone or just hate messy wires, then this might be the solution for you. That’s right, the wireless backup camera system. I know you’ve been waiting for this as long as I have and it’s finally here. We’ve got a couple different ones like the RVC1R and the ORQV110-SYS to give you all the awesomeness of a camera system without the lameness of wires. The ORQV110-SYS from Open Road uses a battery that can last up to 6 months to give you a true wireless experience while the RVC1R you still have to connect a power wire to it (easy enough). But with both solutions you won’t need to run a wire from the camera to the interior of your vehicle. Talk about convenient!

Reverse Donuts

So—if it’s reverse donuts, to watch your trailer on the road, to be safer in general or whatever other needs you have for a camera system—you have some options to choose from. You can get creative and install front facing cameras or side cameras; stick some cameras on your roof so you can watch things above you… Whatever it is you want to do, we’ve got tons of cameras to choose from. Seriously, have you seen how many there are? So get yours today let the donuts commence!

*Stunts performed by a professional driver on a closed course. Please obey all traffic laws and drive responsibly. We do not endorse or condone reckless driving, it’s just humor!