The X-Factor

You might be asking, “Why would someone at Sonic Electronix write a blog about why you should shop at Sonic Electronix?”  Well, the first reason is simply because we are just that awesome (a somewhat biased opinion, but still). Secondly, we are aware that many people don’t just exactly what goes on behind the scenes here at Sonic.  As an internet retailer, a majority of our customers never even get to meet or have any interaction with our staff.  Although we do have a will call office in our California location, we ship worldwide and only a small fraction of our customers are able to come visit us.  However, we have an excellent call center that is open 7 days a week so we are always a phone call away. We are like a big car audio family and if you’ve seen our Facebook page or YouTube channel, then you’ll know that we’re full of personality and like to have fun while simultaneously helping you!

Our staff now consists of over 150 employees

I’ve worked for Sonic for 2 years now and so many things have changed since I started here.  One of the biggest changes is the addition of our full-service installation bay.  If you’re fortunate enough to live in southern Cali then you can drop by and get pretty much anything installed (amps, subs, stereos, video monitors, custom-made boxes, etc.).  If you’re out of reach, fear not! We have an absolutely fantastic tech support team that is able to answer any possible tech question you may have on your mind.  (Trust me when I say they’re good – they have even helped me install my remote start after my many failed attempts). One of the many benefits of being a Sonic customer – you get free tech support for life on every product you purchase from us.

Our two warehouse locations have a combined total of 100,000 square feet

We have warehouses in California and Kentucky which translates to very fast shipping times.  In addition, our warranty & returns process is among the best in the business, as we take pride in getting any issues resolved as quickly as possible.  We truly believe here that a little customer service goes a long way, and when you shop with us you’ll be a customer for life.  We show no sign of slowing down and we continue to grow and offer new products everyday.  We are truly passionate about what we do and whether you like it or not we are here to stay for a very long time.

Check out our about us video to get an even more in-depth look inside our culture!