Apple recently announced the iPad Mini and of course everyone has to have one now.  I prefer to call it an iPod Jumbo but that’s besides the point.  If you follow our Youtube channel, then you probably saw our Nexus 7 tablet install in a Dodge Ram.  This is a similar idea to this installation but the iPad mini allows you to do a few things differently. The iPad Mini is almost exactly the same size as a double DIN stereo so putting in almost any car is a possibility.

One thing that is different with an iPad in-dash install is that you can now connect to overhead and headrest monitors easier by the use of Apple’s lightning connector-to-HDMI adapter.  This makes the conversion very simple and the installation all the more efficient.  Obviously, the installation will be different in every vehicle and as a result will require custom installation.  The iPad mini can serve as a great navigation unit not to mention all of the endless apps that can assist you while you’re crusin’ down the road.  If you get really creative, then you can add other inputs like a possible back-up camera.  If you’re lucky enough to live near our installation bay in Santa Clarita, California, then we can fabricate a custom bezel for your dash to accommodate your vehicle. Even if you’re not close to us, this will be a very popular aftermarket mod that a lot of shops will be more than willing to accomplish for you.  We will be doing an installation video for the iPad Mini just as we did with the Nexus 7 so be on the look-out!