Who Needs Bass?

Focal BUS 25
Focal BUS 25 10" Powered Subwoofer Enclosure

Picture this: You’re driving along listening to your music.  You pull up next to a 16 year old kid at a red light who has his subwoofers blaring so loud that your ears start to bleed.  You think to yourself, “How does that make music enjoyable?” Fact of the matter is that some people want bass so loud that you have to replace your windshield after every listening session.  At the same time, some people just want bass that will compliment their music in order to achieve the full spectrum of musical frequencies. No matter what your preference, there is a subwoofer for everyone.  Without a subwoofer, you could be missing out on listening to your music how it was intended to be heard.

Kicker PECVR12
Kicker PECVR12 Single 12" Amplified, Loaded Enclosure

Not everyone needs two 18″ subwoofers that will rattle your brain into next Tuesday.  While this application is great for genres of music such as hip-hop or dubstep, there are many other genres of music that do not require as much bass.  Easy-listening, jazz, classic rock, or blues just to name a few.  One could argue that bass is even more essential in these genres.  These soft musical genres have low-end bass frequencies that can be unheard without the utilization of a subwoofer.   Even if you have a vehicle with limited space, you can find a subwoofer solution that is right for you.  Amplified, loaded subwoofer enclosures are an all-in-one way of adding bass to any vehicle.  They include integrated amplifiers so installation is minimal.  These are ideal for leased or rented vehicles which you hesitate to tamper with.  If you own a truck, there are plenty of shallow-mount subwoofers and pre-loaded enclosures that can conveniently fit under the back seats.  All of these different options make it hard to argue against a bass filled system.

Whether you’re looking to put yourself in a bass coma or trying to recreate studio quality sound, there is always a way to get bass in your vehicle.  Being able to properly reproduce low frequencies will give your music a 3d-like tone.  Chances are you spend a good amount of time in your car.  So why not invest in some comfort food for your ears?  You don’t have to be a punk kid like me to appreciate large quantities of bass either!  We have a huge selection to choose from. Check it out!