Coaxial speakers are speakers comprised of a midrange woofer and a tweeter which is either built-in or suspended over the midrange woofer. The majority of stock OEM car speakers are coaxial in design because of low cost and easy installation. With a coaxial setup, all you need is two speakers to get a wide range of sound with minimal hassle. These speakers provide adequate sound because the woofer and tweeter are mounted on the same axis so all sounds come from a central point known as the point source. Coaxial speakers come in many different sizes that will fit most vehicles with almost no modification, some are even direct replacements.

Kicker KS 650

2-Way Coaxial Speakers – Kicker KS650

Most coaxial speakers will say “2-Way or 3-Way on the package. When it says 2-way, it means it is a standard speaker with a midrange woofer and one tweeter. If it says 3-way, it is a midrange woofer with two tweeters. If you see 4-way, it will be a midrange woofer with 3 tweeters, etc. The idea behind it is that by adding more tweeters, the speaker will hit a broader range of frequencies. A higher quality 2 or 3-way system will hit most of the 20-20,000 Hz frequencies that the human ear can pick up.

Some vehicles may not even come with coaxial speakers and instead have just midbass woofers. Replacing that midbass speaker with a coaxial set will drastically improve the sound quality of your music. The added tweeter produces high notes for a rich, full sound. Installing new coaxial speakers is simple on most vehicles, sound quality will improve, and it is a cheap alternative to replacing your OEM radio.

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