Vibe Audio BlackDeath QB69 (BDQB69)

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

Pushing the envelope and finding those revolutionary designs is what makes VIBE Audio the premier British car audio manufacturer.  By offering new and innovative designs for their consumer and competition levels of products, they are able to offer their customers plenty of options that will meet their specific needs.  Whether the goal of the car is sound quality (SQ) or competition (SPL or Sound Pressure Level), VIBE makes a quality product that is perfect for that application.

On of the more revolutionary components that VIBE has released is the Black Death QB69 speakers.  The Black Death line is dedicated specifically to competition level of car audio and produces some of the loudest and toughest speakers, subwoofers, and amplifiers.  The Vibe QB69 speakers are a unique pair of rectangle 6” x 9” speakers designed for both SQ and SPL.  Some of the features that set this speaker apart from other 6” x 9” speakers include the high output, speaker materials, and the speaker design.  Each Black Death QB69 is rated at 200 watts RMS and 600 watts peak.  Any speaker that is capable of handling 200 watts all day, everyday is well built and durable.  Plus, a higher-powered amplifier is needed to power these speakers.  This isn’t your average 6” x 9”.   The materials of the speaker include a durable polypropylene cone, an aluminum midrange, and a titanium tweeter that can pivot for enhanced audio control.  The patented cone shape results in 20% more surface area, which result in more air movement and better bass response.  Inside, the motor structure emulates that of a subwoofer, which allows the greater excursion and power handling.  Although VIBE audio might not be as well know in the United States yet, it won’t be long before the premier British manufacturer takes over the US as well!

Check out the video below for more specific details about this speaker.