VIBE Audio Lite Air Shallow Mount Car Speakers

If you have ever pulled apart your car’s door panels only to find that the new speakers you bought are too deep to fit, you know how frustrating it can be.  As cars are becoming more spacious and sophisticated inside the cabin, more limitations are being placed on the options for available aftermarket car audio speakers. Luxury cars, such as BMW require speakers with a very slim mounting depth.  In the past shallow mount speakers were somewhat hard to find, however they are becoming more and more available as speaker technology increases.

Those that have hard experience with shallow mount speakers will find that the Vibe Audio Lite Air 6 speakers are a dream come true.  First-rate build quality; shallow depth, and impeccable sound quality all come together with this component speaker system. Machined alloy torsion basket provides a solid installation fit, as well as increasing basket strength and thermal power handling. The 1-7/8” mounting depth is amount the shallowest in its class and allows for a variety of installation opportunities.  There are not many vehicles that will require a shallower mounting depth that what the Lite Air 6 has to offer.

One of the most notable things about this pair of speakers is the sound quality.  With a sound similar to the Vibe Black Air 6 speakers, the Lite Air boasts a mounting depth of almost an inch shallower.  The neodymium magnet helps to make this possible.  The silk dome tweeter is crisp and detailed, without harsh or ear-piercing highs.   After listening to the speakers, it is common to mistake them for speakers two to three times their price.  With so many options for shallow mount speakers, it would be sad if one were to overlook the fine acoustics of the Vibe Audio Lite Air 6 car speakers.