Kewood and Alpine Bass Package

The end of the year is an ideal time for electronic products.  This year is difficult to reminisce on without thinking of all of the great products that were released – and subsequently all of the fantastic deals.

A lot of great deals were brought up in 2010, but a constant favorite has been the Eclipse CD1200G.  This radio was manufactured with the idea to have an aftermarket radio with all of the great features, but none of the distracting looks.  This double-din aftermarket receiver looks very similar to what you would find in any stock vehicle, but with a few extra features.  Not only does it have iPod connectivity to expand your music selection, but also contains a bit of extra wattage to make your even your speakers sound better!

Adding bass to your vehicle can sometimes be a daunting task.  Compatibility is tough to consider and matching up different items with their counterparts can be difficult.  Another amazing deal from 2010 was the Sonic Electronix Exclusive Bass Packages.  Bass Packages are a great way to make sure everything you’re getting works together, sounds great, and can significantly reduce the price you pay for each of the components separately.  These bass packages even include wiring to connect everything up in your car, so you can get some bass in your vehicle without any difficulties of mismatching products.

Sometimes speakers can be the best replacement for a vehicle to provide exceptional sound quality and are important for setting up the sound stage in your vehicle.  Kenwood’s Performance Series of speakers are perfect for improving the audio quality in any vehicle!  With a urethane foam surround to for improved midrange and warmth, there’s no chance you’ll experience listening fatigue while under their spell.  The Kenwood Performance speakers are a great upgrade, and also a great gift for the Holidays.