Upgrade the Audio 2010 Ford Focus

The Ford Focus ranks in at number 5 of the most popular cars for Generation Y. It is proudly the only domestic car on the top 10 cars list in our previous blog. With a great new look, excellent price tag, and domestic pride, it is easy to see why this car is among the best selling vehicles for Generation Y. One of the best things about the Ford Focus is the exciting and colorful interior. In this blog, we discuss some of the more popular audio upgrades that can be installed in the 2010 Ford Focus.

Upgrade the Stereo

The 2010 Ford Focus comes standard with a factory Double DIN Radio. To replace your factory stereo with an aftermarket one, use one of the following dash kits and wiring harnesses.

Manufacturer Dash Kit Wiring Harness
Metra Electronics Metra 99-5816 Axxess XSVI-5520-NAV
Scosche Scosche FD1437B

Both of the dash kit listed above will allow for the installation of a single or double DIN stereo. With freedom to choose a single or double DIN, Focus owners are free to choose just about any Car Stereo they like.

Don’t forget the Antenna Adapter! Use the Metra 40-CR10 or the Scosche CRAB to connect your new stereo to your factory radio antenna.

Upgrade your Speakers

While those stock Ford speakers might sound good, installing some aftermarket speakers will make your Ford Focus sound great! The following speaker information from the Metra Online Vehicle Fitment Guide can be used to find the right pair of speakers for your Focus.

Location Size Depth
Front Speakers 6″ x 8″ 4″
Rear Speakers 6″ x 8″ 6″
Subwoofer 10″ 4″

Speakers and subwoofers that fit the Ford Focus:

Retain your Steering Wheel Controls

Upgrading the audio system does not mean losing any features. That means that the steering wheel controls will need to be retained and connected to the new stereo. Axxess has made it easy with an automatically programming interface. Use the Axxess ASWC to keep the convenience of these steering wheel controls and enable them to work with your new stereo.

Note: The Metra VFG was used to determine the vehicle speaker sizes in this blog. Due to different trims on cars, i recommend calling a Sonic Electronix rep to confirm that the speakers sizes and DIN sizes are compatible with your trim.