There are many different brands, colors, lengths, and gauge sizes when it comes to power & ground cable, but they all serve the same purpose; to transfer electrical current from the vehicles battery or alternator to any installed audio amplifiers. When choosing power & ground cable to use in your vehicle, you should always go with the American Wire Gauge (AWG) rated cables. AWG cables are true-to-gauge, which means the gauge size is determined by the diameter of the copper wiring only. It is easy to tell the difference between AWG cable and non AWG cable, take a look at the ratio between the protective jacket and the copper wiring, non AWG cable will have very thick jackets and less of the copper, which means in most cases it is not the actual gauge size that’s advertised. Below I will provide information on 3 AWG power & ground cables you should think about using for your sound system.

Xscorpion Flat Power & Ground Cable

Rockford Fosgate VAST Technology

The Xscorpion Power & Ground Cable has a unique flat design and smooth jacket that allows simple installation in tight areas; this makes it great for custom installations. This cable is available in 1/0 AWG, 2 AWG, 4 AWG, 8 AWG and comes in various different lengths (5-foot, 20-foot, 50-foot). The Xscorpion flat power cable is also available in red, platinum, black, and blue color options. As with all Xscorpion products, you can be assured that this power/ground cable is manufactured for flawless, immaculate performance and innovative technology.

Kicker Power & Ground Cable

Rockford Fosgate VAST Technology

Kicker’s AWG power & ground cable is available in 1/0 AWG, 4 AWG, 8 AWG and comes in either cobalt blue or gunmetal gray color options. Its PVC hyper-flex insulation & multi-strand construction allows you to bend, twist, and contort the cable for easy installation. The silver tinned oxygen free copper cable construction provides superior signal transfer for the cleanest audio signal possible. This Kicker power cable is built with the same great quality as their famous subwoofers, amplifiers, and speakers.

Tsunami Power & Ground Cable

Rockford Fosgate VAST Technology

Tsunami’s true-to-gauge power cable is a precision wound cable that pumps out excellent power transfer. Its pure OFC fine stranded copper wire provides ultimate signal transfer and makes this cable perfect for high end car audio sound systems. This Tsunami power & ground cable comes in blue, silver, red, and black color options and features a superflex protective outer jacket for easy installation in hard to reach areas.

Don’t settle for non AWG power & ground cable anymore, equip your vehicle with some true-to-gauge cable and enhance the overall quality of your sound system.