Unlock Your Factory Navigation System

Some vehicles that are equipped with Factory Navigation Systems will not let you operate some of the features while the vehicle is in motion. This is due to vehicle manufacturer’s locking them out for safety purposes. If this is the case in your vehicle, you are not getting the most out your Nav system. Manufacturer’s like PAC and Lock Pick have created Override Kits and Unlock Interfaces that allow you to bypass these locks and get all the cool features your system was meant to have while in motion. However, these are NOT made for the driver to operate and MUST only be used by the passenger. Not only is it dangerous for the driver to operate these features, but it is illegal as well.

Lock Pick GMX550

Lock Pick is one of the manufacturer’s that we carry here at Sonic Electronix that has made unlocking Navigation System very simple. Their override kits have a plug-n-play design that makes it easy to install and also very easy to remove if you have a leased vehicle. These Lock Pick Kits are available for select vehicles like Chrysler, GM, Dodge, Ford, Lincoln, and many more. The Lock Pick GMX550 is one of their top of the line override kits for 2007-Up select GM vehicles. The GMX550 enables the override of video, navigation, satellite radio, Bluetooth, and more. It allows video playback from Apple iPhone, iPod, and iPad devices, allow your steering wheel controls to play/pause and skip songs on Pandora radio, provides complete control of factory or after market rear view camera while the vehicle is in motion, plays DVDs while the vehicle is in motion and much more. Lock Picks GMX550 also gives you full control of all the features and options of your navigation while driving like entering addresses and searching for POI’s. It is also USB upgradeable to keep it current with Lockpick advances and vehicle changes.


PAC is another manufacturer we carry with Navigation Unlock Interfaces. We have the PAC NU Series available for select vehicles like Cadillac, GM, Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury. The PAC NU-CTS2 is specifically made for 2008-2010 Cadillac CTS & CTS-V vehicles. The NUCTS2 will override such features like Bluetooth, Navigation functions, and OnStar dialing all while the car is in motion. Once again, I cannot stress upon how important it is for these features to be used by ONLY the passenger, keep yourself and others around safe please. These PAC Override Kits are also plug-n-play and require no wire cutting or hard wiring.

Stop missing out on all the cool features and options your Factory Navigation System is equipped with. Just remember to always be safe and keep both eyes on the road at all times.