HID Conversion Kit
If you find your headlights aren’t bright enough at night, maybe it’s time for a little extra power. HID lights come in sizes and strengths for any user. Simply look up the bulb size of your headlights, and choose the strength of the conversion kit. The higher the rating of the HID kit, the darker the bulb color is.

Radar Detector
Love speeding but hate jail? If so, a radar detector would suit you and your vehicle well! Plug it into a 12v socket and mount the detector and you are ready to go. There are many different kinds out there to choose from.

Sound Dampening Material
Got rattles? Sound dampening is great for reducing annoying vibrations. It adds dead weight to the panels you apply it to, which lowers the resonating frequency. It effectively reduces the amount of road noise that’s let into the vehicle. You will also notice you won’t need to turn your stereo volume up as high as before.

Seat-Heating Pads
Does your booty freeze in the winter? Well there’s a solution, and it’s probably simpler than you may think. Universal seat-heating pads are available at very pleasant prices. Simply remove the upholstery of your seats, and lay the heating pads down in your desired locations. With the flip of a switch, these seat-heating pads will thaw you, posterior first of course.

Remote Start
Continuing with the winter theme, we always recommend a good solid remote start module for those cold winter mornings. These are very useful for warming up your engine and the interior of your car without stepping foot out of your house. With the press of a button, start your car and let it warm up for a few minutes before you drive off. It will save you some shivers, and hopefully some miles.