TextFriendly for Parrot Handsfree Bluetooth Car Kits

Parrot is a global leader in wireless devices for mobile phones and Bluetooth handsfree car kits. The Paris, France based company was founded in 1994 by Henri Seydoux and since has become a main staple in the handsfree Bluetooth business. Parrot has developed the most extensive range of hands-free systems on the market for mobile phones, cars, motorbikes and scooters.

In late 2010, Parrot created an even more convenient product for you Bluetooth users with the introduction of TextFriendly. TextFriendly is a voice-to-text service that allows you to listen & delete email, compose, reply & forward email, compose text messages, and read text messages all by voice activation through your compatible Parrot Handsfree Bluetooth Car Kit. The main vocal commands of TextFriendly are very simple, if you want to listen to your emails, just say “Email”, to compose email, say “Compose Email”, to compose SMS, say “Compose SMS” etc. Facebook and Twitter are also compatible with this product; you can post updates and status’s all by voice. TextFriendly is compatible with all operating systems and all phone brands as well.

As of now, TextFriendly is only available for the CK Series and MKi Series parrot kits. Here at Sonic Electronix, we carry the following Handsfree Bluetooth Car Kits.

Each of these kits will work with TextFriendly and there are only a couple simple steps to integrate it into your existing kit.

  1. Step 1 to get TextFriendly for one of pre-mentioned compatible car kits is to call 877-9PARROT to receive your registration code.
  2. Step 2 is to navigate your way to TextFriendly.net to enter in your registration code and fill out some other basic information to allow the access to the email database.
  3. Step 3 is getting your free software update by following the flashing procedure available on the Parrot Product Support Page.
  4. Step 4 is to select the TextFriendly menu on MKi Series or CK Series and access the service.
  5. Step 5 follow the vocal instruction and say the commands, it’s that simple.

This product helps to reduce distracted driving by allowing connectivity addicts to stay in touch using hands-free texting and voice mail behind the wheel. So create a safer driving environment for everybody and get yours today.