Almost all vehicles on the market today come with a factory radio. When it comes time to upgrade your radio to something bigger and better, you will need to know how to remove your factory stereo. To eliminate the possibility of damaging your stereo, it is important to remove it with the proper tools, and that’s when Stereo Removal Tools come into play.

With all the vehicle manufacturers out there, you will need to find the correct tool for your application. When looking through our list of removal tools, simply find the one that is specific toward your vehicle’s make. For example if you are trying to remove the stereo from a Ford F150, browse through our list of removal tools until you find one that is compatible with Ford vehicles. If there is more than one that is listed as compatible with your vehicle, they will likely be the same exact tool but made by different manufacturers.

Once you have your tool, disconnect the negative battery terminal and prepare to remove your radio. Insert your removal tools into the removal holes or slots (depending on your vehicle) on the left and right side of the stereo. Gently push them until you hear a distinct “click” on each side. The click is the noise of each tab that secures the stereo being pushed inward to release the unit from its housing. Carefully pull and slide the car stereo out while being cautious not to damage any surrounding dash trim.

Professionals use stereo removal tools every day in shops for replacing a factory radio. Once you own the removal tools you will never need to purchase them again, so you may store them until your next installation job on a similar vehicle. If you are a crafty person, you can attempt to make your own removal tools using a paper clip, a wire clothes hanger, or a flat piece of metal. Look at a picture of the removal tool you are trying to make and use metal snips to cut your material to the same shape. By making your own removal tools, you can save money and you won’t have to wait for them to ship to you. Always be careful when using your own hand-crafted tools, because you can potentially damage the unit you are working on.

Proper installation tools make every installation much easier and timely. With the right stereo removal tools, you can avoid making a trip to your local installer and save some money too.