If you have ever shopped for car subwoofers, you might have noticed that most are round while some are designed with a square shape. What is the difference between round car subwoofers and square car subwoofers? To start with, square subwoofers have more cone surface area than comparably sized round subwoofers. A 12” square subwoofer will sound louder than a 12” round subwoofer because the square provides four corners of extra cone area. The extra surface area allows the subwoofer to generate a higher frequency response. In fact, the average square subwoofer has about 25% more cone area than a similarly sized round subwoofer. With that said, then why buy a round subwoofer? For one thing, most subwoofers are designed with round cone diameters. By limiting your subwoofer choice to a square design, you limit the number of brands you can choose from. Furthermore, square subwoofers are more prone to distortion and are less efficient considering both the shape of sound waves and the way in which they travel (outward from the center of the sub). This is why many believe that round subwoofers provide better sound quality while square subwoofers provide louder sound.

When it comes to square subwoofers, Kicker car audio is the leading manufacturer of square subs, and their Kicker Solo-Baric L7 is one of the best selling subwoofers in the industry. MTX Audio is another major manufacturer of square subwoofers. However, many brands don’t design square subs. If you’re not a fan of brands like Kicker and MTX Audio, then you will likely decide to purchase a circular subwoofer. Regardless of brand, some folks simply prefer the round look. The important thing to remember is that you also have to pick an enclosure with a cutout hole that matches the shape that you choose (round or square).

In the video below, I talk about square subwoofers. More info/video after the jump:


If you are intrigued with the Kicker Solo-Baric L7, I actually did an in-depth video about this model in our latest episode of SonicElectronixTV. You can watch this video below or by looking us up on YouTube by searching SonicElectronixTV. Some of the highlights include this subwoofer’s aluminum basket, which provides superior heat dissipation, and the uniquely designed “Spiralead” tinsel leads. This unique Kicker technology protects the subwoofer’s tinsel leads from cracking during long periods of use. I also mention the rubber santoprene corners, which prevent the subwoofer’s cone from ripping away from the basket during prolonged usage.

Check out the Kicker Solo-Baric L7 video below to learn more about square subwoofers: