Sony Navigation System

In-Dash receivers have plenty of features available for today’s vehicles. Integrating Bluetooth, satellite radio, and iPods into our cars has never been easier. Sony notoriously staked its place in the In-Dash receiver game quite some time ago and has been sticking with they’re comfortable with – great sound and easy to use features, along with great quality from an exceptional name-brand. In-Dash GPS Navigation has been a popular feature for those who seek to integrate their lives into their car stereo, and Sony has rolled out new models featuring TomTom based GPS Navigation.

Sony’s new models, the XNV-660BT and XNV-770BT integrate this TomTom based navigation seamlessly into their navigation source of the radio, allowing users to enjoy the clean, familiar interface of TomTom, and the amazing clarity of a Sony display. Sony’s established reputation as a leader in the TV industry has allowed them to achieve greater strides on their in-dash displays and each of these navigation models. Along with this high-resolution display is Sony’s popular SensMe feature, found on many of their A/V in-dash receivers and some newer CD receivers. This SensMe feature allows you to have playlists made based on your musicals musical progression. If the music features a lot of fast paced tones that are characterized as happy, this may be considered a happy song by Sony’s SensMe feature and allows you to categorize music based on mood!

iPod connectivity is an important feature found on today’s car stereos. With the high-resolution crystal clear display you can easily see all of your music with minimal interference. After easily navigating to your favorite song found in your iPod, the 24-bit Digital-to-Analog converter will process your music for a higher quality listening experience. Also, the center speaker optimizer shapes your sound to create a virtual center speaker. Integrated experiences means less clutter and more user-friendly features all in one convenient area! Simplify your vehicle with integrated GPS, Bluetooth, and exceptional playback options all in one simple in-dash stereo receiver.