Myron Overhead Monitor

Sonic Electronix has begun to carry a new line of mobile video products by Myron & Davis. These quality monitors will compare to higher-level brands of LCD Screens, and are manufactured with high performance and a value driven price point in mind.

Vehicle LCD Monitors are a great addition to any car. They can be especially convenient in the Holiday Seasons when you and your family buckle up for the long road trips these next few months have to come. Featured in different screen sizes, and made for different applications, a Myron & Davis LCD monitor would be just what you need to distract everyone in the vehicle long enough to spend some quality time with an old acquaintance, the open road.

Myron & Davis Monitors take it one step further by offering a simple solution for those who want to integrate a factory look in an aftermarket monitor installation. Overhead monitors designed specifically for Select GM Vehicles can make for a simple installation that looks like it’s direct from the factory. These factory-looking monitors are made to integrate your factory air conditioning knobs into the aftermarket installation. This allows for an easier installation, and a much cleaner looking final product.

Some vehicles featuring Active Headrests cannot have their headrests replaced with a standard aftermarket headrest pillow and monitor. In these cases, Myron & Davis has manufactured a Piggyback Electronic Active Headrest Solution, the PACCM85. This exceptional solution for Active Headrest equipped vehicles allows for a quality, compact monitor to be installed on the back of both the driver and passengers headrest allowing for rear-seat entertainment that is not only a perfect distraction for you to get back in touch with your old friend, but also for your entire family to stay entertained during the long hauls. This Holiday Season, find yourself on a road trip of accomplishment with a Myron & Davis LCD Monitor.