Sony DSX-S100

During the 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show, also known as CES, Sony exhibited a brand new digital media receiver that took their car audio booth by storm. The Sony DSX-S100 is a unique “mechless” in-dash receiver that is designed specifically with the Apple iPod in mind. Unlike other iPod compatible units that have a front USB connection that requires the iPod to be completely visible or other units that have a rear USB with a cable run a certain compartment in the car, the DSX-100 conveniently conceals the iPod inside of the in-dash receiver. This is made possible since the media receiver does not feature a built-in CD player. Instead, Sony has taken this area inside of the unit and installed a sleek, slide-out tray with the USB cable attached to it. To dock the iPod without the use of the long, white iPod-to-USB cable that Apple included with the iPod, Sony includes a slim USB-to-iPod adapter that will make the connection. The tray then slides back behind the faceplate, leaving the iPod completely hidden and fully connected. This is perfect for those that have left the audio CDs behind and upgraded their entire audio collection to their iPod. The Sony DSX-S100 is fully compatible with the iPod, iPhone, thumb drives, and other USB based drives. Since the unit is USB based and includes an iPod-to-USB adapter, there is possibility of the unit being compatible with the Microsoft Zune.

In addition to the innovative iPod connection and control features that are built-in to the DSX-S100, it still features all the great audio quality features of the other Sony head-units. These features include the Sony ZAPPIN function, EQ3 Equalizer, DM+ (Digital Music Plus), low-pass filters, high-pass filters, Sony Quick-BrowZer, as well the possibility for HD Radio and Satellite radio. Sony believes that the digital media receivers should not have to sacrifice all the great features that the in-dash CD players have. This unit is a dream come true for all us that have left CDs behind and graduated to the iPod for our entire music collection!