It’s time again for another contest here at Sonic Electronix.  In order to celebrate the New Year, we’ve thought up something special, designed to showcase the creativity of our fans.   This January we’re running the X-Factor Freestyle Dance Contest.  We want our fans to create a 10 second video that portrays their own idea of what a Sonic Electronix “X-Factor” Dance would look like.  Our feeble attempts around the office at what an X-Factor Dance would look like have made us realize we need more unique ideas – and who better to ask then our loyal fans?
Audiobahn AWIS15JIt wouldn’t be a real Sonic Electronix contest without some type of awesome prize to give away.  What better prize is there than an Audiobahn Subwoofer and Amplifier package?  For first place, you can take home Audiobahn’s 15” Immortal Series AWIS15J Subwoofer along with the 1500 watt Audiobahn A1500HCJ Monoblock Amplifier.  Our second place winner will receive an Audiobahn 12” High Excursion AW1200J Subwoofer and the 1000 watt Audiobahn A8000J Amplifier.  Finally, in third place you can get your very own 10” Audiobahn Natural Sound AW1051J Subwoofer and an Audiobahn A4002J 2-Channel Amplifier.

So, what are you waiting for? Get to choreographing and put together the hottest dance craze of 2012, and show us that you know Sonic Electronix is the X-Factor when shopping for electronics!