The Epicenter 600 from AudioControl is a Class D Monoblock amplifier w/ The Epicenter Bass Restoration Built-In. Simply the most advanced subwoofer amplifiers in car audio today! The Epicenter® 600 and 1200 amplifiers incorporate AudioControl’s patented Bass Restoration Processor to deliver earth-shaking, ground pounding and chest thumping power to your subwoofer system. Carefully applied signal processing at just the right spot, enhances the listening experience and maximizes your bass quality. Today’s amplifiers are difficult to separate from one another, The Epicenter® 600 and 1200 have done so in ground breaking fashion with their unparalleled processing power. In a real-world listening environment, we invite you to compare these amplifier to any other amplifier in the same power category, at any price, and you will quickly learn that the Epicenter amplifiers will always have more bass! It’s time to hear what you have been missing.

AudioControl’s engineering team designed the amplifier from the ground up, to deliver superb performance and high-fidelity sound. The chassis is made up of a solid one piece aluminum chassis that helps to evenly distribute heat. A black brushed aluminum cover protects the bank of controls that make the amplifier so special. On the processing end, these amplifiers have active high level inputs – taken from the world famous LC2i – to optimize the audio signal going to the amp, and Maximum Input Level Control – MILC – to optimize the signal delivered from the amp.

Claimed Output: 200W @ 14.40V 350W @ 14.40V 600W @ 14.40V
Certified Results: 262W @ 14.14V 413W @ 14.32V 611W @ 14.32V
Dynamic Results: 253W @ 14.70V 417W @ 14.07V 672W @ 14.07V

Here at Sonic Electronix, we strive to deliver incredible products and even better customer satisfaction- especially when it comes to car audio! This is precisely why we have tested the power on select amplifiers with our SMD AD-1 Amplifier Dyno, bringing you these amps’ true power ratings. Whether you are interested in an entry level or performance amp, we want to make sure that you are purchasing the car audio products that will deliver just the right amount of power for your system. Although each of our amplifiers have their listed peak and RMS power ratings, a Sonic Electronix Certified Amplifier is drastically better for your system because no matter what, you will know precisely the amount of power you will be getting out of your system! Click Here to check out other Sonic Electronix Power Certified Amplifiers.