Let’s face it, the wave of Smartphone’s has crashed down on us and more and more waves keep coming as the technology within these phones improves. Don’t be surprised when our cell phones do everything and interface with everything. Programming your coffee machine via your Smartphone never felt lazier. This brings us to ScyTek Electronics, a manufacturer of automotive security and protection products, primarily car alarm and remote start systems. In the not so distant past, ScyTek Electronics released their Galaxy Mobile service which lets you use your iPhone or Smartphone to control your vehicles security system. You can arm and lock, disarm and unlock, trunk release, remote engine start and remote engine stop like most car alarm systems these days, but there is so much more you can now do with this system.

Vehicle Location via GPS:Galaxy Mobile is a vehicle tracking system. Unlimited real-time GPS tracking with user-friendly internet software allows you to see where your vehicle is at all times. Best use of this is for theft monitoring, teen driver monitoring or even business vehicle tracking.

2-Way Communication:
With your Smartphone as the control center for your vehicle, you will receive alerts to your phone whenever something isn’t right. These notification alerts can not only be sent to your cell phone, but your email as well. SMS Alert allows all alerts to be sent as an easy to read text message to multiple phones or email addresses. As for vehicle functions, you will receive confirmation that your vehicle completed the requested command, such as locking of the doors or ignition of the engine, once completed.

Geo-Fence/Time-Fence/Speed Fence: Do you need to limit the location that you’re Galaxy Mobile equipped vehicle can go? You can setup a parameter, known as a “Geo-Fence” for your vehicle to traverse that uses the real time GPS tracking to monitor vehicle location and send warnings if it passes out of set boundaries. This is useful for keeping tabs on teen drivers and fleet vehicles. In addition to Geo-Fencing, the Time-Fence will send alerts if the vehicle is moving after a set curfew. Finally, the Speed-Fence can be setup to send alerts if the vehicle is exceeding the set speed limit of the fence.

Multiple Vehicle Management:
Manage fleets of vehicles with this system in one convenient web page. The main tracking page provides tracking and control of all vehicles with the Galaxy Mobile device installed. All vehicles can be viewed on the map at one time along with their direction of travel and speed.

The primary features of the Scytek Galaxy Mobile were listed here but it has additional features that make it more than just a security system. Some insurance companies might even offer discounted insurance rates for the addition of this technology on your vehicle. Make sure to verify with your insurance agency first. Need complete control of your vehicle from anywhere in the world? Need to monitor your vehicles location and receive text message alerts for speeding, moving out of a specific boundary, or activating past a set time? The Galaxy Mobile service has you covered, from anywhere and everywhere.