Realm D1100.1

With consumer demands for options and affordability the car audio industry has seen a lot of subpar companies come forth with products that look great but lack performance and quality. In 2007 Realm sought out to fix this problem by introducing products that produced a flawless unsurpassed quality of sound across the entire range of a car audio system. Realm products are focused towards the discriminating consumer who wants to be able to get the best possible sound reproduction without compromising any major features. A big factor in good sound reproduction is clean and constant power. Realm car amplifiers are able to output clean, constant, and efficient power. These amplifiers exemplify the quality and performance that Realm has base their entire foundation upon, so you better believe that the product they produce will perform outstandingly. Realm amplifiers have a simple yet elegant look but under the hood its nothing but high-quality components giving you the best performance and amplifier can give no matter how hard or how long you decide to run your system.

The D1100.1 is one of two Class D Monoblock Realm amplifiers. With an RMS power rating of 300W @ 4 ohms, 550W @ 2 ohms and 1100W @ 1 ohm, this amplifier is able to give multiple power outputs to meet a variety of installations and applications, from entry-level to more professional power needs. The amplifier is also CEA-2006 compliant meaning that it has met standardized testing to ensure that the power output ratings do not drop or are overrated, giving you every wattage stated at its respective ohm rating. The amplifier features a multi-color LED protection that notifies you of a problem with one of three LED lights. This takes the guessing work out of the equation allowing one to address the problem much quicker and more accurately. This simple yet innovative technology can save you trips to an installer for bench testing or even stop you from making the mistake of throwing away your amplifier because it won’t power on. Realm wanted to make sure that their monoblock amplifiers were accessible to all and for that very reason equipped their D1100.1 with both low-level RCA inputs and high-level speaker inputs. This means that the amplifier can be installed into any vehicle, no matter if they have a factory system or after-market system. This is especially important if you have a vehicle with a nice factory system or a dash that would be a hassle and bundle to replace. No Realm Class D Monoblock amplifier would be complete without user amplifier options and the D1100.1 does not disappoint. The included remote level control allows the user to control the amount of bass needed for every song without having to leave the comfort of their seat. This will make the listening experience more enjoyable and a much more efficient way to transition from one sound to another. The variable low-pass filter allows for a more defined sound system in which the user can filter out any high frequencies, giving that deep and rich bass that most people seek, while the illuminated dial controls make it easy to see and operate even in the darkest of conditions. With other features like internal transistor heat sinks for extreme heat dissipation and discrete plug style terminals for quick and secure connections, Realm’s D1100.1 monoblock amplifer is a solid car amplifier that is reliable, efficient, affordable, and able to perform with quality that is expected from high-end amplifiers.