By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

Rockford Fosgate revolutionized the car amplifier realm by using cutting edge circuitry designs and building amps with incredible power. The Rockford Fosgate T20001bd is the latest product from the storied brand and a testament to their visionary designs and meticulous attention to detail. This amp is the latest and greatest from the Rockford Fogsate Power Elite line.

Thanks to Rockford Fosgate’s creative design techniques, this amplifier can produce a jaw-dropping 2,000 watts of continuous power when wired at 1 ohm. The tremendous power supply is aided by an extra large metal tab surface area, which has been expanded by 60% for increased power capacity. The amp’s enhanced, larger surface area results in a lower resistance load and superior temperature control, so this amp can bring loads of power to your speakers and subwoofers without overheating. In addition, the integrated MEHSA (Maximum Efficiency Heat Sink Application) technology expedites heat transfer and extends the life of the amplifier.

Rockford Fosgate engineering does not settle for products that produce a merely satisfactory performance. The Rockford Fosgate design team always strives to beat the industry, and the T20001bd is a prime example of their efforts. A typical class A/B amp only performs at around 20-60% efficiency, but the T20001bd’s 75-80% efficiency rating puts this class bd amp in a class of its own.

t20001bd side
This amplifier is extremely user-friendly, as you can easily customize the sound output with the special para-punch bass EQ and wired remote. The para-punch bass EQ allows you to modify the sound from 0-18 dB and even has variable center frequency control between 35-70 Hz. Daisy-chaining is made easy with the built-in PowerSync, which enables you to chain bd series amps together for the ultimate setup.

If you’re going to get an amplifier, you should invest in a brand that you can trust. As the brand’s illustrious history shows, Rockford Fosgate amplifiers are built to perform at a high level for years to come.